Knox Private Emergency Department

In an emergency, always call ‘000’ first
Knox Private Emergency Department (03) 9210 7400

Knox Emergency is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays, providing patients with prompt and professional care of the highest standard around the clock.

Our treatment and short stay facilities are fitted with the latest technology and equipment, creating a state of the art environment in which to treat our patients.

Our Emergency Doctors are experienced and highly qualified with specialist training in Emergency Medicine, making them experts operators in this department. The Department is led by Dr Raja Barua, Director of Emergency.

Our Doctors are supported by experienced and caring Emergency trained Medical Officers and Nursing staff who have access to and/ provide;

  • Rapid assessment and triage
  • On call access to specialist doctors 24 hours a day
  • 24 hour medical and nursing care for a full range of medical and surgical emergencies
  • Comprehensive cardiac and chest pain services including immediate access to Cardiac
  • On site access to Resuscitation and Intensive Care Unit
  • Onsite access to Radiology including X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI, CT Scan, PET Scan and onsite access to pathology and pharmacy

Supported by 10 operating theatres and two day surgery theatres

  • Catheter Laboratory and Coronary care Unit
  • Nuclear Medicine

Knox Private Hospital is currently undergoing a major expansion project which will see the finest in medical treatment and care offered on a greater scale in brand new facilities.


For more information on the current redevelopment Click here. 

24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Address262 Mountain Highway, Wantirna VIC 3152
Phone9210 7400
Fax9210 7401


Emergency is located on the Mountain Hwy ramp entry of the Hospital.

Knox Private Hospital is located on the corner of Mountain Highway & Boronia Road in Wantirna.

Arriving by car

Temporary parking is available at the front of the emergency department entrance for up to 5 minutes.

Arriving by ambulance

As a private patient, you are entitled to ask the ambulance to take you to the hospital of your choice. However, paramedics will advise you whether your transfer to Knox can be accommodated.

For visitors

Your family or friends are welcome to attend the emergency department with you. A maximum of two visitors at any time is permitted. Please note that your visitors may be asked to leave the room when the doctor takes your medical history, performs a physical examination or during medical procedures. We ask that all visitors respect the privacy of our patients and staff in the Emergency Department.

Emergency Department Features

20 treatment spaces, including:

  • Fast-track chairs for acute and easily treated injuries
  • Resuscitation bays
  • Isolation room for infectious diseases
  • Short stay treatment spaces
  • On-site x-ray, MRI and CT scan
  • Temporary parking for emergency patients and visitors close to the emergency department entrance
  • Car parking for Ambulance and MICA (mobile intensive care ambulance) vehicles

Our emergency department treatment spaces are designed to provide privacy while reducing outside noise.

UPDATE: To meet the growing demand for emergency services in the region, a new, expanded Emergency Department is currently under construction at Knox Private to replace the existing unit. The new Emergency department is estimated to open in early 2020. For more information click here
  • Medicare card
  • Photo Identification (e.g. driver's license)
  • Private health insurance details/card
  • Pension card (if relevant)
  • Healthcare card (if relevant)
  • DVA (veterans affairs) card (if relevant)
  • ID of refugee status (if relevant)
  • Correspondence from your GP or other medical professional which may be relevant
  • Current medications or prescriptions

Whenyou arrive:

  • One of our skilled Emergency trained nurses will take abrief history. They may also perform a brief physical examination
  • If your condition is assessed as high priority, you willbe taken directly to a treatment bay for further assessment and treatment
  • If your condition is assessed as less urgent, clericalstaff will collect further personal information from you before you arereassessed
  • You will be reassessed as soon as possible by anothernurse before being assessed by a doctor
  • The doctor will carry out a detailed assessment of yourcondition and organize additional investigations if required to make adiagnosis and will decide on the most appropriate treatment options for you

Following assessment by the doctor, if yourequire treatment or surgery you may be admitted as an in-patient to KnoxPrivate Hospital or an appropriate Healthscope Hospital including Bellbird orRingwood Private.

If you are well enough to return home ourtreatment notes will be sent to your GP.

With your consent, your GP and other relevant treating doctors will be sent a medical report (including investigations and relevant treatment) within 24 hours of your leaving hospital.

This provides vital information to assist your doctor with ongoing management.

Initial consultation fees

A $320 presentation fee will be charged for your attendance at our Emergency Department.

Medicare and Private Health Insurers do not cover the cost of seeing a Doctor in an Emergency Department.

Note: The presentation fee may not be charged for a consultation of a patient if they return with a medical condition related to a recent Knox Private emergency department attendance or Healthscope hospital admission within a two-week period.

Out-of-pocket expenses

Outside of this facility fee there may be additional costs associated with radiology, pathology and specialist doctor consultations, which may also be partially reimbursed by Medicare. More information is available at the Emergency Department reception.

We advise members of private health funds with questions regarding whether your private cover qualifies for reimbursement after ED treatment to forward any queries to your health insurance fund.

Fees for international patients

An initial consultation fee applies to international patients. Contact us for more information here. International patients who don’t hold a valid Medicare card will incur higher fees. Other associated fees must be paid up front.

HPS Pharmacies is conveniently located in the main foyer of the hospital on the ground floor.


9.00am to 6.00pm from Monday to Friday
9.00am to 4.00pm Saturday and Sunday

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