ENT, Head and Neck Surgery

Knox Private Hospital offers a comprehensive ENT and Head and Neck Surgery service, led by surgeons (otolaryngologists) who are recognized for their expertise to diagnose, manage and treat general adult and paediatric conditions of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck.

Our specialists have access to the latest state of the art facilities and specialized equipment to offer a full range of diagnostic assessments, medical treatments and ENT surgical procedures. They work closely with our dedicated medical and nursing team to ensure that the needs of our patients and their families are met before, during and after their stay with us.

Knox Private offers a range of common and complex ENT surgery including:

Paediatric ENT

  • Grommets 
  • Adenoids
  • Tonsillectomy 
  • Otoplasty (bat ears)
  • Cholesteatoma - Congenital and developmental
  • Investigation of head and neck masses

Otology (Ear)

  • Glue ear, middle ear infections
  • Myringoplasty
  • Conductive hearing loss surgery
  • Stapedectomy
  • Ossicular chain reconstruction
  • Cholesteatoma surgery
  • Tinnitus
  • Vertigo

Rhinology (Nose)

  • Septoplasty – deviated septum
  • Nasal polyps
  • Turbinates
  • Rhinoplasty - cosmetic
  • Sinus Surgery – Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • Nasal Fractures

Laryngology (Throat)

  • Benign Vocal Cord Lesions
  • Malignant Larynx and Pharynx Tumours
  • Vocal Cord Palsy
  • Video stroboscopy

Head and Neck Surgery

  • Malignant and benign tumours of the head and neck
  • Salivary gland disorders
  • Thyroid and parathyroid surgery
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnoea surgery
  • Tonsillectomy

With a focus on patient convenience and better outcomes, our ENT surgeons offer local or onsite consulting and regular operating at Knox Private, due to the ease of access and convenience of our comprehensive diagnostic and 24 hr emergency, intensive, surgical and medical services.

To see one of our ENT specialists, speak to your GP for a referral to a Knox Private ENT Surgeon. For more information about our surgeons, please explore: https://healthscopeassist.com.au/specialistSearchBySite.asp 

Our ENT Surgeons

  • Prof Stephen O'Leary^ 03 9890 9910
  • Mr Guy Boag  03 9700 1188
  • Dr Zenia Chow*^ 03 9081 9006
  • Mr Nathan Hayward*^ 03 9998 7418
  • Mr Boman Irani  03 9791 6175
  • Mr Damien Phillips *^ 03 9081 9006
  • Mr David Rowe*^ 03 9088 8222
  • Dr Sherryl Wagstaff*^ 03 9898 5155
  • Dr Anita Yuen*^ 03 9088 8222
  • Mr Yi Chen Zhao*^ 03 9998 7418

*newly accredited at Knox Private
^consulting onsite


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