Welcome to Knox Private Maternity

At Knox Private Hospital we specialise in the delivery of babies.

Our maternity team comprise of highly experienced nursing staff, health professionals and accredited private specialists who are committed to individualised holistic care.

We provide you and your family with knowledge and skills that you will need for a positive transition to your new or extended parenting role.

To help ensure that your expectations are met, our caring and highly skilled team of health professionals will help you achieve those goals by providing the best possible care for you, your baby and your family.

We can provide support in so many ways:

  • A fully-equipped special care nursery at hand for emergencies
  • Experienced, caring midwives and clinical staff
  • Modern surroundings
  • Paediatricians are available upon consultation with your obstetrician
  • Parent education
  • Personalised booking
  • Preparation for parenthood classes
  • Private rooms where your partner can share with you and your new baby
  • Tours of the maternity unit.

Your stay

The birth suites are fitted with state-of-the-art technology, including K2 fetal monitoring systems, and provide a variety of resources that can be used during childbirth.

The suites also have a kitchenette where support people can make beverages and snacks.

It is Knox Private Hospital’s policy to encourage breast feeding on demand and 'rooming in', in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation.

Our highly experienced midwives will assist you with all aspects of feeding and post natal care.

However, we respect the right of each mother to determine how she wishes to feed her baby.

Please call the maternity ward before you come into hospital so we can prepare for your arrival.

It can be difficult to tell when labour has started but you are welcome to call the maternity ward at any time and talk to one of our experienced midwives.

Should you be experiencing strong signs of labour including regular contractions less than ten minutes apart, waters breaking or blood loss, please contact the maternity ward to determine how far labour has progressed. You will be assessed and advised whether to stay home or come to hospital.

During your pregnancy, it is important to contact your obstetrician or the maternity ward without delay if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Blurred vision
  • Continious leaking of fluid
  • Dizziness
  • Premature labour prior to 37 weeks
  • Regular contractions
  • Ruptured membranes
  • Unusual or severe abdominal pain
  • Vaginal bleeding.

It is also important to contact your obstetrician if you have any concerns about your baby’s movements.

As always, in the event of a medical emergency please call 000.

Please contact us if you have any worries or concerns regarding your pregnancy on (03) 9210 7260.

For any other health issues unrelated to your pregnancy please contact your general practitioner.

The maternity ward features 18 private rooms with ensuites.

The ward has a lounge area and kitchenette, and a dedicated area for baby bathing and education.

Knox Private Maternity takes a holistic approach to childbirth and offers a variety of options for learning.

Mothers can arrange classes through our experienced midwives who will also be available to discuss concerns, refer to services, help with anxiety issues and facilitate visits to the ward.

Please note: A general tour of the maternity unit is included in the antenatal classes.

For more information please contact 9210 7260 or email.

You are welcome to stay with your partner overnight to provide assistance and support.

Our rooms are designed to cater for an overnight stay. We are unable to guarantee an exact room-type but will endeavour to ensure that you are comfortable.

If you wish to stay overnight please note the following:

  • Please notify the midwife or nurse caring for you. In the event of an emergency we need to know exactly who is in the maternity ward.
  • Please remember to dress appropriately. Suitable night attire can be worn in the evenings but day clothing must be worn at all other times.
  • Remember to wear footwear whilst walking around the ward or throughout the hospital.
  • Please remember that you are in a hospital and a midwife, nurse or staff member may enter your room at any time during the day or night.
  • Other children are not allowed to stay overnight under any circumstances.
  • Meals and drinks can be provided at a cost. Please pay for these meals at reception when ordering the meal.
  • Mobile phones may be used in your room but should not be used in the corridors.

Staying overnight is a great opportunity to assist your partner and develop your relationship as a family.

Child Safety

At Knox Private Hospital, we take the safety and security of your baby seriously. As part of the security provided to your baby, we require a passport sized photo of the mother and significant other. This will be attached to the baby’s cot card. These are returned to you when your baby goes home.

We ask that you supply these photos when you have your appointment with the midwife in week 20.

Your baby will have two identifications bands on after birth. The information on these identification bands is checked with you and your support person and contains:

  • Date of baby's birth
  • Gender
  • Mother name e.g. Smith Baby of (B/O) Mary
  • Mother and baby's hospital identifier number
  • Time of birth.

Please notify staff if either of these bands falls off so that a new one can be reapplied. These bands will be checked with the mother’s bands if for some reason the mother and baby have been separated and the baby is returned.

Partners/support person will wear a green arm band whilst the mother is in hospital. If the baby is in special care nursery a green arm band will be given to both mother and partner.

Cot safety

Always have your cot lying flat. When walking around the ward, please ensure that your baby is placed in the cot.

Safe infant sleeping

  • Place your baby on their back to sleep
  • Place your baby in the cot when you and your baby are sleeping
  • Leave your baby’s head uncovered
  • Do not place toys, including soft toys in the cot
  • Avoid the use of bumper, doona and pillows
  • Keep baby in a smoke free environment.

The nursery has six special care cots for premature babies 32 weeks and over and a team of highly specialised nursing staff with paediatric support.

Mothers are given the opportunity to be with their baby 24 hours a day and are assisted with skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding and expressing.

All hospital staff will wear photo identification, whilst on hospital grounds.

Healthscope Identification Policy states that parents should:

  • Never leave your baby/child in your room alone, ask a nurse/family member to supervise your baby/child. This includes when you leave the room to shower.
  • Do not hand your child over to anyone that you do not know.
  • Request to see staff identification if you do not know the staff member.
  • Question why an unfamiliar staff member may be in your room.
  • Keep your baby’s bassinette/cot away from the door leading out of your room.

For Mothers:

  • Antenatal pregnancy record
  • All current medication
  • Camera
  • Cash and change
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Casual wear for daytime
  • Extra bag or two for transporting extra’s home
  • Footwear
  • Hair care products – hair ties, hair clips brush etc
  • Music and magazines- bring music that you like listening to on your iPod
  • Medicare card
  • Night wear
  • Notepaper and pen
  • Nursing supplies – maternity bra’s if choosing to breastfeed
  • Personal contact list
  • Toiletries – deodorant, shampoo, body wash etc.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush for you and your support erson
  • Three to four packets of maternity pads
  • Watch.

For Baby:

  • Outfit for going home
  • Car seat installed in car for travel home.

The main entry point to the hospital for maternity is always via the main entrance.

Your partner may park in one of the designated drop off car spaces, accessed via the main entrance to the hospital.

Once parked, please proceed directly to the maternity ward on level one. As these spaces are for short term parking only, your car will need to be moved to the multi-storey car park once you are settled in the birthing suites.

The main entrance will be locked during after-hours, please enter through the emergency department.

If you are in strong labour please advise the midwives prior to your arrival and you will be met at the main entrance.

Once your baby is born, you will move into a private room on the ward.

Your baby will stay with you unless they are being cared for in our special care nursery.

Your partner/support person is also welcome to stay with you in your room.

Our experienced team will assist you with caring for your baby.

Following a vaginal birth, mothers can expect to stay for three to four nights however this will be determined according to your individual needs.

Following a caesarean section, mothers can expect to stay for four to five nights.

We encourage you to visit your family or friends at Knox Private Hospital. In doing so, please be mindful of other patients in the hospital and ensure your visiting hours are kept within the times allocated below:

  • Partners or support persons are welcome at all times.
  • All other visitors may visit between 4pm to 5pm and 6.30pm to 8pm we ask you to be considerate to new mothers and babies

Our Assistance

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